Member Area

The General Assembly

The assembly serves as the association's backbone. Its responsibilities include looking after association rules, electing the board of directors, authorizing the budget and establishing the baselines for association policy. Each member company, regardless of size, holds one vote.

The General Committee

The committee is an advisory body, making decisions on relevant issues within the association besides those made by the board of directors. Other responsibilities include drawing up labor contracts and other agreements with tariff parties and electing the tariff commission.

The Tariff Commission

The commission negotiates labor contracts with tariff parties based on the objectives set by the General Committee. Hessian representatives cooperate with the tariff commission of the German Federal Employers’ Association of the Chemical Industry (Bundesarbeitgeberverband Chemie, BAVC), participating in the negotiation of federal labor contracts.

Staff Executive Circles

The circles are divided into three categories according to company size. Important political decisions regulating tariff, social and human resource issues are formulated here. The circles also serve as a platform for exchanging information and insights gained from experience in legal, tariff and social policy issues which are subject to constant changes.

Public Relations Committee

The committee sets the guidelines for the association’s public relations activities and aids their implementation (e.g. organizing press conferences, public dialogs, apprentice competitions, etc.). The public relations committee is a joint assembly of HessenChemie and the Hessian Branch of the German Association of the Chemical Industry (VCI Landesverband Hessen).

The Plastics Processing Industry Specialist Department

The department represents the Hessian plastics processing industry with its specific needs. Although part of HessenChemie, the department disposes of its own board of directors. Responsibilities include the conclusion of labor contracts for the plastics processing industry.
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