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Commitment to the Creation of Flexible Work Conditions

Germany as an industrial location as well as the industries and business sectors represented by our association are faced with constant changes. Globalization has led to a more intense, ongoing and worldwide competition of industrial locations, characterized by a high demand for short product cycles as well as for qualified employee training. This competition does not yield to social security systems (compulsory health care, pension plans etc.). Radical changes in both production structures and age patterns within the population do in turn result in rapid alterations within the workforce.

Well-balanced reforms of the social security systems are a necessity for supporting and facilitating these ongoing changes. Continuous efforts are required to improve the ability of the chemical and related industries in the State of Hesse to compete internationally. Key factors are therefore flexible labor conditions along with company flexibility, a spirit of innovation and the ability to react swiftly when needed in order to maintain productivity. Labor conditions promoting efficiency and social security based on future-oriented tariff and social policies are the basis for the success of the chemical industry and the economic sectors represented by our association in the State of Hesse.

Who we are

HessenChemie, the Association of Chemical and Related Industry Employers for the State of Hesse, looks upon itself as a service organization representing the interests of its members. It is the leading association in the State of Hesse for all tariff, social and legal policy issues. This claim is based on HessenChemie's large representative membership and expertise, its creativity as well as networking activities with all relevant partners and their organizations.
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