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Mediation Services for Business Conflicts

Whenever people are pursuing different interests, conflicts may occur in everyday business. Oftentimes, the parties become so entrenched in their positions that constructiveness and cooperation seem no longer possible. In working relationships, the success of one single team, a department or the entire business can depend on its employees’ good rapport with colleagues and supervisors. Systematic mediation can help unlock growth and development potential blocked by conflict - an effect beneficial to both company and employees.

What is Mediation?

Along with reconciliation and arbitration procedures, mediation is a further option for settling conflicts out of court. It is a way of managing conflicts with the help of a third party, the mediator. He or she assists the conflicting parties in finding their own solution using a voluntary and structured method. The fundamental notion here is that the solution found is based on the interests and needs of the parties involved. The task of the mediator is to support both sides in articulating their needs while skillfully guiding them through the mediation process and towards a workable solution.

Emphasis is placed on the conflicting parties taking responsibility for themselves, as they are specialists of their own dispute and, according to the mediation philosophy, must find out on their own which solution works best for them. Ideally, they are able to do so and resolve the disputed issues. The key is to stray from the strict pattern of right or wrong towards decisions most comfortable for both parties involved.

The Mediation Process

Mediation sessions are a service offered by HessenChemie to any member company seeking solutions to business conflicts within the organization. Once the specifics of the task have been identified and, if necessary, first consultations have taken place, mediation sessions are scheduled with the conflicting parties.

The mediation process follows the five steps below:
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