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Association Communications: Making a Joint Appearance

Getting the Message across
HessenChemie is dedicated to taking excellent care of its members. This also holds true for association communications, when press or public relations work or membership marketing is involved. Whatever the information, we get it into the public domain fast – through publications, the internet, trade fairs and symposiums as well as via radio. Our press relations officers share information and insights: press conferences are held regularly in the media location of Frankfurt.
Examples of our range of activities include
  • Political communications
    A domain which has gained more importance than ever, especially due to the increasing effects of European legislation on the economy. On behalf of our members, we discuss their concerns with the decision-makers in politics – within an effective network from the regional to the European level. What we say is heard throughout Europe!

  • Raising youngsters' interest in natural sciences - promoting new talents
    This is an area we consider to be of utmost importance. Kindergartens are therefore provided with information material, supplied to the children by their teachers. We also organize Science Camps for primary school children and their teachers.

  • “AKTIV HessenChemie”
    With a print run of 80,000, the Hessian supplement to the business magazine “AKTIV” reaches many interested readers and is an effective source of information on our industry.
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