Member Area

Europe's Relevance Increasing for Businesses

As of today, the European Union already has an impact on approx. two thirds of German legislation.

Due to the growing influence and the initiatives of the European Commission, HessenChemie provides extensive and practice-oriented services, accessing network contacts and information. Embedded in the chemical employers' network in Germany and Europe as well as in the network of European politics in the State of Hesse, these services are geared towards representing the interests of HessenChemie's member companies. Effective representation is achieved through cooperation with different players in labor and social law issues.

It is important to note that our range of services is not limited to the needs of large companies, but is set up to accommodate small and mid-scale businesses as well. We are dedicated to strengthening your position throughout the course of European developments!

Political Work on a European Level

In response to the needs of our member companies and Europe’s growing influence, HessenChemie has initiated information and networking activities covering European policy.

HessenChemie's main objectives are to provide support or “scouting” services to member companies, to become a main contact for the European politics network in the State of Hesse and to assist the Brussels bureau of the German Federal Employers’ Association of the Chemical Industry (Bundesarbeitgeberverband Chemie, BAVC) in its representation efforts.

Specific Tasks

  1. Provide information on regulations, guidelines and activities of the Brussels administrative bodies and on the transposition of EU legislation into national law.
  2. Establish contacts for information sharing between the Hessian network and European politics. The network includes members of the European Parliament, the Hessian State Minister of Federal and European affairs, the Hessian representative in Brussels, members of the European Committee of the Hessian State Parliament and consultants from Hesse's specialized ministries.
  3. Support member companies in European issues by supplying information and referral to relevant contacs.
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