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Legal Advice: Making competent Assessments

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Working life inevitably involves limits – however, it is important to know exactly what and where they are to avoid overstepping them. HessenChemie offers assistance in all employment and social law matters, at an arbitration committee, a labor or social court. We are there whenever support is needed - a definite advantage for our member companies!
Collective and individual employment law, company pension law or an interpretation of collective bargaining agreements - regardless what's at stake: our specialists know what counts! They are the ones to turn to as well when questions involving social security, employment promotion or accident insurance arise.
A main characteristic of today’s employment is its growing complexity. A fact that has made up-to-date expertise within companies increasingly necessary. HessenChemie is responding promplty by offering seminars on employment and works constitution law, beneficial to both managers and HR specialists.
We at HessenChemie believe in the saying "it’s better to nip a problem in the bud". Which is why we offer mediation by arbitration to our member companies: A service saving time, nerves and - above all - high litigation costs.
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