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Collective bargaining policy: negotiating fairly

"Tug of war" - that's our mission
When collective bargaining is pending, we pull on the same rope as the Bundesarbeitgeberverband Chemie (German Federation of Chemical Employers’ Associations – “BAVC”) - within the network of chemical industry employers. Our common objective: Fair contracts right up to national level.
A total of approx. 100,000 employees in the Hessian chemical industry, the plastics processing industry and industry-related service companies can count on us: blue and white collar workers, for example, have been paid equally since 1998. "Innovations" of the chemical industry include the option for partial retirement at age 55, working hours and payment “corridors” – real milestones.
Industry-oriented collective solutions instead of tedious individual negotiations are another issue. Every day, the plastics processing industry benefits from collective agreements. Ultimately, it is sustainable competitiveness that is at stake, and, above all, valuable jobs.

We provide orientation in line with market requirements for everyone involved. When it comes to questions regarding tariff law, particulary on flexibilisation, our member companies are provided with profound advice at all times. We also offer consultation for individual companies with respect to specific collective bargaining agreements at company level.
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