Member Area

Many Good Reasons to join HessenChemie

Tariff Policy

  • Pragmatism and flexibilisation in tariff policy
  • Conclusion of regional labor contracts
  • Participation in drawing up federal labor contracts
  • Preparation, negotiation and implementation of the 14 flexibilization instruments.
    Download flyer flexible instruments... (320.63 KB)

Social Policy

  • Up-to-date information on human resources and social policy
  • Advice on labor and social law issues
  • Support on conclusion of works agreements
  • Consultation on drafting employment contracts and social plans
  • Advice on implementation of chemical industry labor contracts for member companies

Legal Advice and Representation Before Labor and Social Courts

  • Legal advice from highly qualified lawyers tailored to individual needs: company-specific and unbiased by economic interest
  • Seminars in labor and social law for employees of member companies
  • Comprehensive advice on all industrial relations issues based on sound knowledge of our specific industry, economic development and wage framework in the chemical industry.

Vocational Training/Further Education

  • Symposiums, seminars and informative events on all operational human resource issues
  • Customized education program fitting the needs of our members
  • Representation of interests in education, training and junior staff development
  • Competent advice on further education and human resource development

Information and Insight Sharing

  • Access to extensive partner network for interested member companies
  • Sharing of insights gained from company experience
  • Informative events and seminars on current topics


  • Publication of up-to-date information on intranet platform accessible to members only and through circular letter service
  • Representation of our industry's interests in media and public
  • Seminars and individual consultation on public relation issues

Association Bodies’ Activities

  • Creation of new perspectives, insight sharing
  • Opportunities to influence decisions and to participate in the decision-making process
  • Access to relevant people and organizations

Regional Support

  • HessenChemie's two branch offices offer competent regional support:
    • Regional Branch Office Northern Hesse, Kassel
  • Regional seminars and informative events
  • Networking with regional and national contacts
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